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Who we are:

StoreDot Ltd. is a leader in the innovation of materials and their device applications. We are developing ground-breaking materials based on a unique methodology that integrates nanotechnology with novel organic compounds. With a strong team of world-class researches, we dramatically improve the value proposition for a range of devices, including Smartphones, power banks and Electric Vehicles.

Designed to replace known technologies with enhanced physical, chemical, and electrical properties, StoreDot’s technology is optimized for fast-charging batteries for both mobile devices and electric vehicles. With a strong and diversified team of noted scientists, StoreDot is positioned to reinvent the world of fast charging as we know it.

StoreDot Synthesis lab

Chemically-synthesized organic molecules of non-biological origin are the heart of our technology.

We have developed a unique methodology that has enabled the design, synthesis and tuning of materials to create proprietary organic compounds which dramatically improve the performance of a range of devices, including batteries, sensors and digital memory.

StoreDot Scale Up facility

Once we optimize the Nano materials and the organic compounds, using our unique synthesis methodology, the process shifts focus to the Scale Up lab in which those optimized compounds are being scaled up for the assembly of a complete battery.

StoreDot Pilot line

The Pilot is where the last phase of the development process takes place. This includes an engineering effort, which is aimed at automating the entire production from material preparation, coating, cutting, to assembly and testing for large quantities. This pilot can be copy exact to a manufacturing facility worldwide.

StoreDot Facilities:

We have built the 1st of its kind, state-of-the-art facility where Organic synthesis and Nanomaterials are concurrently developed under one roof.


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Ultra-fast charging technology

We’re redefining battery chemistry and revolutionizing the EV experience

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StoreDot: Bloomberg's BNEF Pioneer 2020 award winner