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StoreDot is building partnerships with global OEMs for the purpose of commercializing its Flash Battery for mobile devices and EVs. We are currently working with leading OEM potential partners to better understand their business needs, specifications and launch timelines.
If you are interested to join our ultra-fast charging eco-system please contact us using the e-mail below 



As a leading EV OEM, Daimler, Mercedes-Benz is a strategic investor and partner. We are designing the StoreDot FlashBattery technology to fit into future EV designs.



BP shares our vision for ultra-fast charging. FlashBattery technology enables a similar  driver experience as filling a tank of gas in any of BPs global forecourts. We are working with BP on the future EV platform including the eco system and the infrastructure requirements for ultra fast-charging



StoreDot has a strategic partnership with Tokyo based TDK Corporation, a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer and a Li-ion cell development and leading manufacturer. The strategic partnership is aimed to commercialize StoreDot FlashBattery technology.


EVE Energy

EVE is the largest designer and provider of primary lithium batteries in China. It is one of the top tier suppliers of EV batteries and Storage Systems. We have signed a Framework Agreement’ which is designed to be a long-term partnership between the two companies.

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Extreme Fast Charging - XFC technology

We’re innovating the battery chemistry to redefine the EV experience

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