StoreDot named Globes most promising startup of 2015

The Israeli company is working on rapid-charging solutions for smartphones and automobiles.

...“Globes” has ranked the country’s top 10 most promising startups...


Number 1:

The company recognized as the most promising start of 2015 is StoreDot, which has raised $76 million from leading investors like Roman Abramovich, Samsung Ventures, and Singulariteam. While the Israeli startup originally garnered significant buzz in the past two years for its development of a solution to charge cell phones in half a minute, it recently turned its focus to the automotive world.

CEO Dr. Doron Myersdorf founded the company with Prof. Simon Litsyn formerly the chief scientist at Sandisk and Prof. Gil Rosenman. The most recent investment in StoreDot $18 million was part of a wider $50 million round of funding destined for their automotive division.

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