Desarrollan batería eléctrica que permite a los autos recorrer 500 km con 5 minutos de carga

Forbes Mexico delivers a concise overview of StoreDot to its readers

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In this Spanish-language story, the team at Forbes Mexico delivers a concise overview of StoreDot to its readers.

They mention how the Company's tech, which enables 5-minute charging on EVs, is helping to overcome the low electric car adoption rates associated with the current limitation of long recharge times, typically ranging from 45-minutes to four hours.

The writers also make a point about the unique chemistry of batteries from StoreDot.

"The batteries developed by the company, based in the city of Herzliya, 'use half of the cobalt' that is usually used in the industry, so this unique technology has the potential to become the latest standard for fast charging on mobile devices, vehicles, tools, toys and appliances."
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