Electric Scooter Revs Up in Five Minutes With StoreDot Battery

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StoreDot Ltd. and BP Plc took a stride toward their goal of speeding up battery charging when a power-depleted scooter wheeled away after just five minutes with a topped-up battery and enough juice to go 70 kilometers, compared to the normal charging time of about four hours.

“This is showing the world that we can break the barrier of fast charging, and what was considered impossible is actually possible,” said StoreDot Chief Executive Officer Doron Myersdorf, whose company will begin selling five-minute chargers for mobile phones in the second half of 2020.

“Ultra-fast charging is at the heart of BP’s electrification strategy, which is why we invested in StoreDot last year, and why we are supporting this technology demonstration today”
Jon Salkeld, technology director for BP’s AMU

Source: BP

The Herzliya, Israel-based company plans to put its scooter batteries on the market in 2021, when it has scheduled its next proof of concept -- revving up a Mercedes for a 300-mile drive in five minutes flat, instead of the several hours it takes to charge the car now. The automobile battery will need 10 times as many power cells as the scooter battery, and an even more efficient way of cooling while in use, Myersdorf said.

Ultra-fast charging can help solve “range anxiety,” one of the hurdles to electric-vehicle adaption -- the car equivalent of worrying that your mobile phone might go dead.

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