Israeli innovation plugs into emerging energy-tech sector

Israeli innovation plugs into emerging energy-tech sector

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With a growing need for alternative energy and power storage, Israel is poised to lead another vertical impacting our global community.

Innovation is coming from startups focused on the generation of energy, transmission and distribution, and storage. Storage is what helps make these new energy sources realistic options, and Israel has an abundance of storage-related startups.

Jonathan Frenkel, in his ISRAEL21c article, writes that StoreDot is a startup in the storage space that's currently helping drone startups such as Percepto and Airobotics fly more efficiently.

Percepto appears on the Ignite the Spark energy tech map in the area of transmission and distribution of energy. This is a good example of how different startups are cooperating. StoreDot has also received investment from BP Ventures as part of the robust corporate venture ecosystem in Israel.