StoreDot Appoints Tzemah Kislev as VP Engineering

StoreDot Appoints Tzemah Kislev as VP Engineering

New appointment marks an important step for StoreDot as it moves towards product commercialization

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 26, 2020 - StoreDot, a pioneer of ultra-fast charging (UFC) battery technology, has appointed Tzemah Kislev to the newly created role of Vice President of Engineering.

Kislev will play an integral role in bringing StoreDot’s breakthrough ultra-fast charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) to market, as StoreDot moves towards product commercialization. Alongside the technical aspects of the role, he will also be working closely with the company’s strategic partners – BP, Daimler, TDK and EVE – to complete the transformation of 5-minute full charge battery technology into a commercial product for EV applications.

Kislev’s career spans 28 years and includes considerable experience helping both start-ups and industry-leading companies achieve mass-market penetration. Notably, Kislev was a longstanding Executive Director of the Elite Technology Unit of the Israeli military, driving multi-disciplinary engineering projects including novel chemistry. Prior to joining StoreDot, Kislev was VP R&D at power electronics company VisIC Technologies, where he led the development of high voltage power conversion systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. Before that, he was VP R&D at industry-leading 3D printer manufacturer, Stratasys, spearheading the development of advanced 3D printers and materials for automotive, aerospace and healthcare.

Kislev comments: “Every day the global drive towards petrol and diesel-free cars gathers pace, but the reality is that current EV charging times are still some way off the required speed to enable mass adoption. Overcoming this challenge is exactly why I joined StoreDot. Its revolutionary ultra-fast charging technology redefines the chemistry of conventional batteries, taking EV charging times from hours to minutes, which is essential to eliminating range anxiety associated with EV adoption today. It’s my job to bring this innovation to market alongside our key partners.”

StoreDot has developed lithium-ion based battery technology that brings the charging time of EVs in-line with refuelling times for traditional cars. In 2019, it achieved a world first when it demonstrated the first full 5-minute charge of a two-wheeled EV. As the world prepares for electrification, this proof-of-concept represents a major milestone for ultra-fast charging battery technology and its game-changing potential to accelerate the adoption of EVs. For the next phase of development, StoreDot will demonstrate a full 5-minute charge of a four-wheeled passenger electric car.

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf, concludes: “2019 was a momentous year for StoreDot, as we demonstrated for the first time in history the viability of true ultra-fast charging technology in a real-world application. Bringing Tzemah onboard is another important milestone for us as we take the next step towards building our supply chain and moving to mass production. His experience is invaluable in scaling up and adapting StoreDot FlashBattery™ technology to meet the application requirements of automotive OEMs, which will be integral in meeting our go-to-market timelines and ensure we deliver on our promise.”

Kislev holds an MBA and PhD in Applied Chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.