StoreDot receives patent for high-power charging devices for charging energy-storage devices

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Patent for high-power charging devices for charging energy-storage devices granted to StoreDot


Most mobile-device chargers are not really chargers, but rather only power adaptors that provides a power source for the charging circuitry, which is usually contained within the mobile device.

Mobile-device chargers are simply AC-to-DC converters. Such chargers convert an input of 86-260 Volts AC (RMS) into an output voltage of around 5 Volts DC. Generally, the output voltage of the charger is in the range of 5 to 5.5 Volts DC (e.g., suitable for cellphones).

Mobile devices having internal rechargeable batteries need to be charged with a DC voltage slightly higher than the battery voltage supplied by simple mobile-device chargers.

The present invention relates to high-power, highly efficient charging devices for charging energy-storage devices.


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