Find out how fast you can charge 100 miles (160 km)

eradicating charging anxiety, for good

Charge your EV in minutes and never let charging hinder your adventures.
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Enabling extreme fast charging

From cell to pack

Breaking the limits of what is possible in energy storage

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fully Charged

in Minutes

Our 100inX batteries maximize the number of miles per minute of charging using groundbreaking chemistry, giving driving power quickly and safely to accelerate mass EV adoption worldwide.
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StoreDot battery


80 min.
60 min.
55 min.
45 min.
5 min.
World’s Fastest

Making a giant

impact with small


Fusing organic chemistry, nanotechnology, and AI to maximize energy
We’ve revolutionized the conventional Li-ion battery cell with our patented organic and inorganic compounds, offering EV batteries that are ready for manufacturing on standard production lines.
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We are the



OF extreme-fast charging & extreme-energy density technology

Reinventing the battery, making energy accessible for drivers anywhere, anytime
StoreDot is the pioneering innovator of extreme-fast charging EV batteries, leveraging radical nanotechnology that is augmented by organic molecules, optimized by AI, and developed in a broad cross-industry R&D ecosystem for immediate mass production.
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StoreDot factory floor workerStoreDot lab worker

Scaled-up battery technology, From lab to market

We have scaled-up our battery technology from lab to market, implementing our extensive portfolio of patents created in an integrative R&D process that involves a broad cross-disciplinary team and an industry-wide ecosystem of partners.
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Our strategic partners and investors

Doron Myersdorf
At StoreDot, we combine nanotechnology, organic compounds and Artificial Intelligence in order to overcome the number one problem of future mobility – the range anxiety. We deliver Extreme Fast Charging and Extreme Energy Density battery solutions that will take humanity to a responsible future.”
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Doron Myersdorf DSc
CEO and Co-Founder