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StoreDot batteries layout
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Range at the ready
with extreme-fast charging

To make EV lifestyle a reality, we’ve created the ultimate extreme-fast charging (XFC) batteries that ensure driving range with comfort, speed, and safety, to be fully charged in minutes.
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cell protection
StoreDot battery
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Improved safety and increased battery cycle life

To secure EV battery safety and stability, our battery cell architecture features a multi-layered safety-protection structure, it runs on patented nanomaterials designed for longevity, with near-zero carbon.
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StoreDot battery
Look sharp

Next-gen batteries
     for a smooth
driving experience

To enable stress-free charging, our groundbreaking batteries deliver high energy density and consistent performance, and are available in versatile formats.
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RANGE ON DEMAND™ : storedot's 100inX* battery cell roadmap

Silicon-based, ~ 300Wh/kg
upcoming in 2024


~ 300Wh/kg
Semi Solid State, ~400Wh/kg
To be released in 2028


Semi Solid State/
~ 400Wh/kg
Post Lithium, > 500Wh/kg
planned for 2032


Post Lithium/
> 500Wh/kg

* 100inX = 100 miles in X minutes

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Mass-production-ready and scaled-up for manufacturing

To expedite EV adoption worldwide, StoreDot implements a rapid process for the complete development-to-manufacturing under one roof, employing our unique holistic vertically-integrated
approach, from molecule synthesis to battery scale-up to mass production.
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