Energy Storage

To drive mass EV adoption with extreme-fast charging (XFC), we reinvented the battery chemistry by replacing the traditional Li-ion graphite anode with our patented bio-inspired active-material nanoparticles that accelerate ion diffusion, for proven quick, safe, and stable charging.
Our silicon is synthesized together with proprietary small-molecule organic compounds, resulting in a highly potent active material that withstands silicon changes, such as the volume expansion during battery charging, issues of energy fade, preeminent rate capability limitations, and enhanced safety.
The secret sauce is in our integration of molecular composition and nano-particles, carefully assembled into an optimized XFC battery cell, achieved over a decade-long R&D process applying rigorous Machine Learning and AI-based data science.
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Transformative hybrid-to-solid -state approach

energy going solid
To push battery technology into higher energy density with XFC, StoreDot’s thought-leadership has uncovered a way to create a low-resistance flow of ions between the cell electrodes, introducing a hybrid solid solution with electrode-specific hybrid electrolytes, for maximized rate capability.

Our hybrid solid is a major stepping stone for the entire industry, setting the tone where within a decade our roadmap transitions from a hybrid-solid approach to a pure solid-to-solid interface cell.

With the growing availability of the corresponding charging infrastructure, our energy- going-solid approach is paving the way for a consistent global adoption of the EV lifestyle.
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Data science that
boosts development and

To unlock the future of EVs, we harness the power of AI to assess immense amount of data and construct models at immense speed, expediting our R&D processes and effectively focusing our design of experiments, pointing us to the right material formulation that improves the performance of our batteries.

Our AI infrastructure will also enable real-time monitoring of battery health, combined with safety alerts, enhancing cycle life and overall EV range.

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A charged mix of
minds integrating
multiple domains

To take batteries to extreme, we apply an integrative approach at our very core, bringing together a first-of-its-kind expanded team of experts to cover the entire EV battery horizon, each contributing their own perspective in a joint effort that successfully hurdles the massive challenges of EV batteries.

core Cell technology

23 patent families, including materials, chemistry and device structure

Battery processing and applications

10 patent families, including process, manufacturing and cell to pack

Ecosystem enablement

10 patent families, including supporting and peripheral applications

IP strategy: patent family breakdown

100+ patents and applications, including 68 US granted and allowed patents
Evolution inside

Zero-emission future with greater range, fast

To create a long-term dynamic solution in an ever-evolving world, StoreDot answers the missing element in the EV ecosystem by foreseeing and shaping the future with our Range On Demand roadmap, continuously releasing more advanced solutions that take batteries further into the next energy realm
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RANGE ON DEMAND™ : storedot's 100inX* battery cell roadmap

Si-anode >300Wh/kg (>700Wh/l)
IN 2024


Si-anode >340Wh/kg (>820Wh/l)
IN 2026


Semi Solid 400Wh/kg (>900Wh/l)
IN 2028


Semi Solid
Post Lithium 500Wh/kg
planned for


Post Lithium

*100inX = 100 miles (160km) charged in X minutes; chemistry is compatible with all cell form factors