The future of charging


StoreDot Li-ion batteries are based on novel nanostructured materials combined with proprietary organic binders and enhanced electrolytes.


The combination of nano-particle size active materials together with StoreDot’s organic compounds enable 5 minutes full cell charging (10C charging rate). StoreDot FlashBattery technology has lower resistance while controlling the inherent expansion and shrinkage of the cell during the charge / discharge cycles.

Why is FlashBattery technology unique?

Ultra Fast Charging

 Battery is fully charged in minutes

Innovative formulation optimized for

Cycle life

Energy density



Proprietary organic compounds combined with nano-materials, based on strong Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Scalable production, utilizing existing manufacturing facilities with minor modifications


31 Granted patents

and 51 pending

Holistic approach to fast charging


Coated layered nanoparticles, embedded in organic conductive matrix

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, automated optimization of material compounds


Proprietary compounds for enhanced stability and saftey

Cell Structure

Thin layer coating, optimized for ultra-fast charging thermal management


High voltage capability, enhanced safety with dendrite prevention


Dynamic charging profiles with real time voltage management

Using nano materials and organic compounds

coated in a very thin layer of up to 10 microns

Particle size

Nano size active materials that enable ultra fast Li ion diffusion

Anode cross section
Anode cross section

Thin layer electrodes which consist of high electrical conductivity matrix with high capacity 

Self-healing 3D organic polymers enhancing mechanical strength

High C-Rate capability


Our innovative material allows the StoreDot FlashBattery to be fully charged in 5 minutes

StoreDot -

smartphone 5 minute charge


Ultra-fast charging technology

We’re redefining battery chemistry and revolutionizing the EV experience

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StoreDot: Bloomberg's BNEF Pioneer 2020 award winner