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The values we care about

  • A moral compass with no compromises

  • Say what you do, and do what you say

  • State conflict openly

  • Disagree and commit

  • Safe environment at work and everywhere

  • Design for safety

  • If there is any doubt, there is no doubt

  • No cutting corners

  • Accountability –we don’t drop the ball

  • Take full personal responsibility

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Focus on results

  • We put people first

  • We behave respectfully with all stakeholders

  • Great people over great resumes

  • Best place to work

  • Paradigm shift

  • Out of the box thinking

  • Creative solutions

  • Openness to crazy ideas

Available positions

Full Stack Developer - Data DevOps

We are looking for a Full Stack developer & Data DevOps to join our Data Science group. We are a small multidisciplinary data science...

Technician- R&D Department

In this position you will join our R&D team that is responsible for operating the multi-interface batteries up to EV cells that are using...

R&D Department – Data Scientist

In this position, you will be the professional data science authority and professionally lead our data science group to invent, design...

R&D Department - Cell development researcher / engineer

In this position you will join our cell development R&D team. You will be responsible for the integration of new chemistries/materials...

R&D Department- System Group- System Engineer

In this position, you will join our system group in our R&D Department. You will be in charge of prototyping and evaluating battery cell...

R&D Department- Material & Cell Characterization Group -Researcher

In this position you will join our excellent Material and Cell Characterization (MCC) group. We are searching for a reliable and highly...

R&D Department-Researcher

In this position you will join our energy storage R&D team. You will be responsible for developing and synthesizing state-of-the-art...