Patent for Anodes for Lithium-ion Devices Granted to StoreDot


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In this patent granted to StoreDot by the USPTO, an anode material for a lithium-ion device includes an active material including silicon nanoparticles and boron carbide nanoparticles.

The patent covers an active material comprising silicon particles in the size of 100-500 nm, and boron carbide nanoparticles, wherein the boron carbide nanoparticles are at least one order of magnitude smaller than the silicon particles, and wherein the weight percentage of the silicon particles is between about 4 to about 35 weight % of the total weight of the anode material and the weight percentage of the boron carbide nanoparticles is between about 2.5 to about 25.6 weight % of the total weight of the anode material.

"We believe that novel battery systems using this patented approach, especially in vehicle and grid-storage applications, for example, can benefit from enhanced performance and increased lifetime, while allowing for significantly faster charging," said StoreDot CTO Dr. Daniel Aronov.

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