Patent for fast charging and power boosting lithium-ion batteries granted to StoreDot


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October 29, 2020: StoreDot receives patent for fast charging and power-boosting lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used for a growing range of applications, as their safety and performance are improved.

An important parameter in operation of lithium-ion batteries is their charging rates, that are continuously raised to supply the increasing demand for fast-charged lithium-ion batteries.

This invention covers charging systems and methods, which increase charging currents and reduce charging durations for battery cells with metalloid-based anodes that enable high C-rate (charging rate) charging.

Specifically, methods comprise charging battery cells having metalloid-based anodes having Si, Ge and/or Sn-based anode active material, by providing a high-C charging current of at least 4 C (or 5 C, or 10 C or more) over a range of at least 10-70% SoC (state of charge) of the battery cells.

Charging systems comprise a booster unit configured to provide a high-C charging current over at least most of the SoC range of battery cells having metalloid-based anodes in the at least one battery unit. Charging systems further comprise a user interface configured to receive user preferences concerning a specified charging duration and/or a specified target SoC—for implementation by the charging system.

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