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First Time Ever: StoreDot Demos the Battery That Can Charge an Electric Vehicle in Just 5 Minutes

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The First Ever Demo of StoreDot’s Flash Battery Technology for EVs Will Be Shown on stage at CUBE’s TechFair in Berlin. By The Time You Finish Reading This Release, Your Car Could Have Been Fully Charged

Tel Aviv, May 11th, 2017 - StoreDot, the nanotechnology materials pioneer known for its super-fast battery charging technology, will showcase its ultra-fast-charge five minute car battery today on stage at CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. StoreDot’s Flash Battery technology will make charging any electric car as quick and efficient as filling gas tank, as it only takes five minutes to reach a full charge that can keep the car going for 300 miles. While competitors seek to solve the problem of increasing the mileage per charge, StoreDot is focusing on fast-charging electric vehicles in just minutes, a solution all drivers can relate to.

After announcing the plan to bring StoreDot’s unique ultra-fast-charging solutions to the auto industry during Microsoft’s Think Next event, the company is excited to present live on stage in Berlin the first proof of concept of how its new organic compounds combined with the nano-materials will be implemented in cars. StoreDot’s new batteries are currently in advanced stages of development, and can be expected to be integrated into electric vehicles that will hit markets in the next three years.

StoreDot’s Flash Battery technology is a combination of gradient layers of nano materials and proprietary organic compounds. The Flash Battery avoids the common use of graphite in Li-ion battery’s cells. While Graphite is a material that is unable to sustain fast charging power, StoreDot’s proprietary chemical compound is not flammable and has a higher temperature of combustion, which dramatically reduces the resistance of the battery cell and thus increases its safety.

“Fast Charging is the critical missing link needed to make electric vehicles ubiquitous,” Says Dr. Doron Myersdorf, Co-Founder and CEO of StoreDot. “The currently available battery technology dictates long charging times which makes the EV form of transportation inadequate for the public at large. We’re exploring options with a few strategic partners in the auto space to help us boost the production process in Asia and reach mass production as soon as possible.”

About StoreDot:

StoreDot Ltd. is an innovation leader in materials and device applications, developing ground-breaking technologies based on a unique methodology for the design, synthesis, and manufacturing of organic compounds. Designed to replace known technologies with enhanced chemical, electrical, and optical properties, StoreDot’s proprietary technology, inspired by nature, can be optimized for multiple industries including fast-charging batteries in mobile devices, electric vehicles and for next generation LCD displays.