The Battery Show North America 2024
Oct 8, 2024
Oct 8, 2024

The Battery Show North America 2024

Join us for a live presentation by

Theresa Granérus,

Phd, Technical Specialist Battery Cell Technologies, Volvo Cars


COO at StoreDot

Extreme Fast Charging Battery Technology: A Case Study on Integration into Prismatic Packaging

In an era where the demand for rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions is growing, StoreDot, a front-runner in extreme fast charging (XFC) silicon battery technology, in collaboration with Volvo Cars is presenting a significant project aimed at commercializing this innovative battery technology. This presentation will focus on the ongoing collaborative efforts to integrate StoreDot’s extreme fast charging electrode technology, already proven in pouch cell format, into a prismatic hard case packaging designed to meet Volvo Cars’ specific system and platform requirements.

The fast-charging prismatic cell development project addresses critical challenges, such as silicon volumetric changes, fast charge optimization, thermal management, and the integration of XFC batteries with vehicle systems. Both teams are working together to achieve notable advancements in reliability, safety, and operational efficiency.

A significant aspect of this project is the commitment to advancing the EV industry through shared knowledge. Adapting StoreDot's silicon-dominant XFC technology for prismatic hard case packaging showcases the potential to overcome existing technical barriers, providing a roadmap for the broader adoption of fast-charging solutions. The presentation will detail the technical, operational, and collaborative strategies employed, aiming to inspire a scalable and cooperative approach across the industry to accelerate the time-to-market for EV models capable of charging in minutes, thereby alleviating users’ charging anxiety. The successful implementation of XFC technology in a format that aligns with OEM-specific needs paves the way for faster EV adoption, setting a precedent for the seamless integration of advanced fast-charging battery technology across various car makers and fostering a sustainable future for electric mobility.

📅 8th October 2024, 3:15-3:45pm | Detroit, MI


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